Stapler graveyard

This is an addendum to my post on care and feeding of academic staplers.  It was originally posted on my other blog, Tragic Optimist.  I moved it here as I want to keep my library-related writing in one spot.

Since naming our staplers, we hadn’t been throwing them away, but instead were keeping them in a box in the back that was labeled “stapler cemetery.”  In fall 2012 when we were trying to come up with an idea for Halloween decorations, we decided to do an actual stapler cemetery, which we set up out in front of the library.

Swingline Cemetery. I am a good librarian, but I am not artistic. Luckily, others at the library are.

The full cemetery. Not big, but it doesn’t need to be for staplers.

Beloved, Alice, our first named stapler rises from the dead to feast on stapler flesh.

Update: Shortly after this was written, the final weekend of our fall term, 2012, Annike stopped stapling papers.  She nearly made it the full term, and holds the record for our longest-lasting stapler.  She has been replaced by Balil, who will undoubtedly serve the library admirably.


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