permanently inked…by science!

I came across this blog of science tattoos that Carl Zimmer has started, via Popehat. Many of them are breathtakingly beautiful, like this one of the CERN bubble chambers. I don’t have a tattoo, though I’ve often toyed around with the idea. Ever since working with tidal rhythmites and lunar cycles in high school, I’ve been drawn to graphical explanations of the spring and neap tides like this one from chapter 4 of “Our Restless Tides” at (also, the word “syzygy” is way cool).  But I’ve just never quite found the right image that I would want to have permanently affixed to my skin. Still, those images have gotten me thinking about that again. Maybe I could get “QB 414” tattooed, the call number for the theory of tides.

Anyone out there with cool science, library, or science library tattoos?


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