Carleton’s Computer

The library has recently worked with the archives to digitize our run of the alumni magazine, currently called The Voice. I was helping to spot check the digitization, metadata, and OCR when I ran across a great article: Carleton’s Computer in the September 1963 issue (sadly not available electronically outside of Carleton).

I love everything about this article, from the fantastic picture of a family looking at a printout from the computer, described by the caption as examining it with “apparent glee” to the note that it is not large as far as computers go, only 2400 pounds, to the 3 paragraph long definition of a computer, to the discussion of how it can be used in the college outside of the math and sciences.

But the best part is the final sentence: “People are coming more and more to realize that the computer, like the library, is an integral part of the academic community.” I’m reading this article, that was scanned by a computer, then described by a librarian, that is being disseminated by computer, because of the library, that talks about how the computer is now becoming as important as the library.

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