Search plugins

I realize that this is not new news, but I just discovered and I’ve been playing around with creating plugins for our library. I’m posting them on my local page at work until I get to the point that we’re ready to promote them on the library’s website. I’ve made a plugin to search our catalog, one to search our journals/newspapers holdings, and one to search our list of databases. That last one was done mostly for my convenience, since I maintain the databases, so I’m always needing to get to one of them quickly. I also made off-campus versions of the plugins that go through our proxy server so that people can use them off campus. I’m not sure how well I explan the difference between the regular and the off-campus versions, but that’s why they’re not on the main library website yet.

I really like the The interface for creating a plugin is clean, and they host the plugin, but if you register (free), you can take responsibility for editing plugin. They maintain a list of all the plugins that have been created there, and they have clear instructions for adding them to a website to share with others. I used this favicon generator to create the Bridge icon for searching our catalog. For the other two, I just used the search page’s existing favicon.

As an aside, “plugin” or “plug-in”?

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